Goals of the youth session

The Federal Youth Session is a project by young people for young people and is organized on as many levels as possible by the volunteer members of the Organizing Committee (OC) and Forum with the support of the SAJV project management. The Youth Session serves to promote the citizenship - participation, co-determination, co-determination - of young people in Switzerland and is open to all young people between the ages of 14 and 21, regardless of their origin, residence status, financial situation, educational background, gender or handicap.


The Youth Session as the political mouthpiece of youth

The Youth Session is committed to giving young people the opportunity to actively participate in political life and to be taken seriously as a political voice. This is achieved through free participation, the pursuit of demands by the Forum and their processing by the Parliament. The Youth Session is developing in line with the times and offers participants more digital means of participation. Youth participation would not be guaranteed without the commitment of voluntarily engaged young people, who are significantly involved in the organization and lobbying. The Youth Session is a project by and for young people. It offers young people a platform for participation and co-determination and enables them to take responsibility.


The youth session as an inclusive project

As an inclusive project, the youth session should be open to all young people. In addition to raising awareness of inclusion and discrimination, it defines the inclusive values of the youth session together with the volunteers. However, the youth session is not limited to a discursive approach, but also makes active efforts to reach out to groups that have been represented so far and develops needs-oriented offers that enable real participation.


The youth session as an educational platform

The youth session offers young people the opportunity to get to know the workings of national politics and to experience the formation of political opinion in a real but informal setting. Through the youth session itself, as well as the increasingly specifically organized events, young people and political actors can make contact with each other and become more aware of the opportunities for political and civil society involvement. In addition, the youth session offers volunteers a unique opportunity to attend attractive further training courses and to obtain appropriate certificates that serve as proof of qualification for private and professional activities.